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15 Best Things to Do in Mauritius + How to Plan the Perfect Vacation

What should I avoid in Mauritius?

Pickpocketing can still happen in crowded markets and downtown areas so be sure to watch your belongings. Also, don’t stay at the resort during your entire visit. The island has a lot of amazing places to check out and if you just want to stay on a resort, there are plenty of other destinations for that.

Do I need any vaccinations for Mauritius?

Nothing is required, although they recommend the usual vaccines. Check the CDC site for the most updated list.

What should I bring back from Mauritius?

Sugar, tea, and rum are great gifts to bring home from Mauritius. We brought home the first two for our friends.

What is the cheapest month to go to Mauritius?

February is currently the cheapest month to fly to Mauritius from the US. High season runs from November to January.

Can you drink the tap water in Mauritius?

As a general rule, it is safe to drink tap water in Mauritius but it also depends on how sensitive your stomach is. If there was a recent cyclone or storm, you should definitely avoid the tap water. Locals drink tap water, but it isn’t recommended for visitors. We always pack this self-cleaning water bottle and fill it up in the fitness room in the gym.

Which is better Maldives or Mauritius?

It depends on what you’re looking for! Mauritius is much larger and therefore offers a wider variety of activities and places to check out.

What language is spoken in Mauritius? Do they speak English in Mauritius?

English is the main language, but French and Creole are also spoken extensively. Many hotel employees also speak German, Italian, and Spanish. Hindi and Bhojpuri are also spoken.

Is the water in Mauritius warm?

The ocean temperatures stay between 71-80° F throughout the year with it in the warmer half during the summer and cooler half in the winter.

How much water should I bring to Mauritius?

You do not need to bring water to Mauritius. You can drink the tap water or get filtered water there. We always pack this self-cleaning water bottle or fill up in the filtered water stations in the hotel gym.

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