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10 Best Hikes In Aruba: Family Friendly Trails

896 Even though Aruba is mainly known for its beaches and other fun activities, there are also some easy and family friendly hikes on the island where you can see natural pools, rock arches, and desert landscapes at the Arikok National Park. Don’t expect anything truly mind blowing like the scenery you might see in […]

Shark & Stingray Beach In Maldives

161 Fulidhoo is a small, budget-friendly local island we visited recently in the Maldives, along with Dhigurah island, which we loved for its beaches and sandbar. Aside from scuba diving, the prime attraction in Fulidhoo is the shark and stingray beach, where you can see nurse sharks, sea turtles, and stingrays in the shallow water […]

Best Sunrise Spot In Thailand

38 The Samet Nangshe viewpoint in Thailand is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my travels. It’s also fairly easy to get there by driving from the tourist island of Phuket. This viewpoint overlooks the spectacular Phang Nga Bay, a Thai national park with dozens of small islands. The sunrise at […]

Iguazu Falls Argentina & Brazil Travel Guide (+Map)

719 Iguazu Falls is one of the world’s most spectacular and impressive waterfalls, straddling the border between Argentina and Brazil in South America. With more than 275 individual cascades, Iguazu is actually the biggest waterfall system in the world! The closest comparison is probably Niagara Falls in Canada and the United States, although Iguazu Falls […]

Map & How To Visit Tikal National Park

1K A visit to the Mayan ruins of Tikal Guatemala would have to be one of the most spectacular things you can do in Central America. Like something from Indiana Jones, these ancient temples once made up the biggest capital of the Mayan civilization. If you’ve been to the giant pyramid of Chichen Itza in […]